Insane Terrain OCR Peterborough Timed Results
April 10 2016

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1Joe Caunt0:27:33MaleJoe James
2Damien Rigden0:29:07MaleQNA
3Tommy Dann0:29:08MaleQNA
4Adam Clarke0:33:14Male
5Katherine Sewell0:33:21Female
6James Coote0:34:34Male
7Rachel Watts0:35:48Female
8Demi Goldsmith0:39:39Female
9Mark Salt0:39:58Male
10Jamie Clarke0:39:59Male
11Joanne Shrewsbury0:40:11FemaleMud Sweat And Tears
12Juliet Aungier0:40:17Female
13Mark Griffin0:40:20Male
14Sean Somers0:40:23Male
15Amy Roberts0:41:41FemaleCorby Glen Dream Team
16Rebecca Perfect0:41:47Female
17Ros Blackmore0:43:48FemaleTeam Fenning
18Rebecca Thompson0:43:49FemaleTeam Fenning
19Andrea Alexander0:44:03Female
20Geoff White0:44:03Male
21Sarah Last0:47:48FemaleWelly Mucky Racers
22Mark Skeen 0:47:48MaleWelly Mucky Racers
23Steve Creasey0:48:56Male
24Antony Britten0:56:13Male
25Matthew Walsh0:57:10Male
26Chris Salmon0:59:32Male
27David Payne1:00:08Male
28Kev Bunn1:00:45Male
29Chris Miller1:01:48Male
30Dave Howe1:02:51MaleEmpire Gym Circuit Team
31Martin Thorpe1:02:54Male
32Wayne Bradley1:09:38Male
33Paul Walker1:11:00Male
34Ashley Proctor1:11:00Male
35Emma Fennell1:16:47Female
36Daniel Williams1:16:47Male
37Paul Phillips1:17:13MaleCorby Glen Dream Team
38Liam Shelton1:17:25Male
39Rebecca Fleckney1:19:38FemaleKaren &Amp; Becs
40Karen Blacklock1:19:38FemaleKaren &Amp; Becs
41Connor Leighton1:19:46Male
42Amy Mcintosh1:24:30Female
43Tricia Porter1:26:49Female
44Adam Carter1:28:21MaleShakalakaboomboom
45June Lockett1:34:31FemaleDawn Newman
46Dawn Newell1:34:31Female
47Hannah Brown1:35:40FemaleThe Hop Alongs
48Ellie Chapman1:35:40FemaleThe Hop Alongs
49Natalie Richardson1:43:55FemaleEmpire Gym Team
50Jack Richardson1:43:55MaleEmpire Gym Team
51Chris Shingles1:43:55MaleEmpire Gym Circuits Crew
52Sophie Hogan1:43:56FemaleEmpire Gym Circuits Crew

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